The Blue Hole

July 22, 2022

The Blue Hole is a natural swimming hole located in Liberty Hill, TX. The Hole is a popular spot for swimming, cliff diving, and camping. The Hole was formed when an underground river carved out a large cave and the roof of the cave collapsed, forming a natural pool. The Blue Hole is around 100 feet deep and is surrounded by cliffs that are up to 50 feet high.

What To Do

It’s a 40 to 45-minute drive from Austin and one of the best-kept secrets in the area. There are two main options for swimming at The Blue Hole: Jacob’s Well and Blue Hole Park. Jacob’s Well is less popular than Blue Hole Park and is a better option for families and larger groups.

The Blue Hole is a beautiful, pristine section of land on a creek. It’s long been a favorite of Hill Country swimming and is routinely listed in the top ten swimming holes in Texas. While swimming is the main attraction, there are many other activities that you can do there. You can stay overnight at nearby campgrounds and even take part in fishing trips.


This park offers attractions for the whole family, from kids to the elderly. Visitors can swim and have a great time at this lake, which is located at 1130 County Road 279 (N. Bagdad Rd.). You can park your car, use restrooms, or just relax on the lawn. This swimming hole is perfect for families. There are several picnic tables and a well-manicured grass lawn where you can set up chairs and blankets and enjoy the water. There is also a rope swing and docks for the kids to enjoy.

Plan Your Visit

You have to call ahead to schedule a visit, or simply walk by. In Liberty Hill, Texas, you can also visit the Indian Mound Ranch. The ranch is a historic landmark and hosts community garage sales and market days.

If you’re looking for a natural swimming hole to cool off in this summer, the Blue Hole is definitely worth a visit!


River Ranch County Park is a beautiful park located in Liberty Hill, TX. The park features a playground, pavilion, and walking trails that wind through the park’s trees and hills. It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon with friends or family.

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