Quarry Lake Estates

December 12, 2022

Quarry Lake Estates is a thriving neighborhood located in Liberty Hill, TX. This up-and-coming subdivision is full of vibrancy and charm, with its wide array of newly constructed homes and outdoor recreation areas. Many modern amenities can be found here such as new roads and sidewalks, ample green space, access to public transportation links and local businesses. Furthermore, it is conveniently located close to both Austin and Georgetown for those who need easy access to larger cities for work or play. With its great sense of community spirit, Quarry Lake Estates has become an appealing place to live for families—or anyone looking for a brand new home amidst a peaceful, welcoming environment.


Quarry Lake Estates is a neighborhood located in the attractive hillside community of Liberty Hill, Texas. The local demographics include a good mix of ages, from children and young couples to seniors. Roughly 80% of the homes are owner-occupied, and an equal percentage of dwellings are single-family homes or apartments/townhouses. The median home value for the area is around $240,000, with the median household income being over $85,000 per year. Residents enjoy plenty of parkland and open green spaces for recreation, along with convenient local shopping centers and various other amenities.


Education has always been a top priority in Liberty Hill’s Quarry Lake Estates neighborhood, where residents have access to kindergarten through twelfth grade public schooling, as well as several private school options. This highly rated school district offers a range of programs and services tailored to kids of all ages and backgrounds, and provides parents with the necessary resources to help their children succeed. With smaller class sizes, an emphasis on college entrance exams, top-notch athletics, and a variety of extracurricular activities such as robotics and theater, Quarry Lake Estates takes educational opportunities to the next level for its students – preparing them for success beyond high school graduation.


Quarry Lake Estates is a popular tourist destination located near two major metro areas. With expansive rolling hills and spectacular sunsets, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming and nature walks. Attractions include the nearby Quarry Market for shopping, entertainment, and dining options or adventure seekers may get their thrills with an ATV ride through the numerous trails in the area. Beyond natural amenities there are several historical sites that provide guests with a look back at Texas’s rich heritage and culture.

Overall, Quarry Lake Estates is a high-end residential neighborhood that makes its residence feel right at home with its unique blend of privacy and social activity. The ideal location in Liberty Hill gives the feeling of living in both a suburban and small-town atmosphere. With plenty of walking trails and outdoor activities, as well as fun bars, restaurants, and shops located nearby, residents have all they need for an enriching lifestyle. This amazing neighborhood is just another reason why so many people are choosing to move to Liberty Hill.


In addition, if you are looking for a tranquil place to call home, Liberty Hill North is an ideal neighborhood. It is characterized by its peaceful vibe and natural beauty. While there are plenty of shopping outlets, parks and recreational activities around, nature trails make this neighborhood truly unique. If you enjoy being surrounded by lush foliage and fresh air during your morning sunset strolls, the bluebonnets and oaks will not disappoint. If you’re looking to be part of a tight knit community that supports each other through difficult times, Liberty Hill North is perfect for you!

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