Inner Space Cavern

December 12, 2022

Located just 20 minutes north of downtown Austin is the Inner Space Cavern, a state natural landmark near Liberty Hill, TX. This magnificent cavern is a true  gem in Hill Country with incredible formations and winding passageways stretching deep into the Earth. It was discovered by undergraduate students of the University of Texas in 1963 while they were searching for oil! Tour through this incredible underground universe and you’ll be sure to find surprises around every corner from stunning stalactites, to shimmering pool chambers, and rare fossils that date back over 220 million years. A tour guide will show you around this hidden wonder of our world, explaining fascinating mysteries about its formation throughout your journey. The Inner Space Cavern is not only educational but a truly captivating experience – it’s one place that should definitely be on your list for a visit.

What To Do

Inner Space Cavern is an underground wonderland like no other. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the subterranean landscape and experience breathtaking sights. If a tour isn’t enough for you, you can also take an Adventure Tour which includes traversing tight spaces and vertical climbs. After exploring the depths of the caverns there’s plenty to do above ground too– picnic areas, gemstone mining, outdoor activities and even a special playground just for littles ones! Inner Space Cavern has something for everyone, so make sure it’s your next destination when exploring Texas’ underground secrets.


Inner Space Cavern is a great attraction for anyone looking to explore and learn about the Earth’s underground secrets. Named “Most Outstanding Cave” 3 years in a row by the Texas Speleological Association, this cavern features extensive passages and amazing rock formations with an assorted array of colors. Visitors are coached through each passage by experienced tour guides who provide interesting stories and knowledge about the history of the cave. With tours ranging from adventure to wild caving – along with special activities such as gem-mining, picnics, and educational talks – there’s plenty to experience at Inner Space Cavern that caters to all ages. Many come away feeling exhilarated and amazed with the natural wonder they have just explored.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to Inner Space Cavern, visitors should be sure to bring along all of the necessary supplies and account for any unexpected surprises. This underground cave is full of fascinating wonders to explore, including captivating formations, rare artifacts, and beautiful surroundings. Be sure to allow ample time for taking everything in during the tour – no rush necessary! It certainly is an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Those looking to make use of their Inner Space Cavern ticket purchase should also check out the gift shop after their tour.

Overall, Inner Space Cavern is a remarkable experience to explore the mysterious underground. With its captivating scenic beauty, stunning geological formations and exciting discovery opportunities, it’s no wonder so many adventurers are drawn to the depths of this remarkable place. It offers an unforgettable adventure for those interested in discovering what lies beneath the surface and breathes life into stories about the ranching history of Central Texas. With experienced guides leading tours through the chambers, you can get a chance to truly appreciate this one-of-a-kind place from a unique perspective that can’t be found anywhere else.


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